She was born in Terrassa in 1982. The theatrical scenic art came into her life at an early age, when she was being part of activities at school and later at the Institute. She attended the school "Acció Teatre" from 2000 to 2004, and Terrassa aside, in Barcelona, ​​she was enrolled in performances at "El Timbal" and "Nancy Tuñón - Jordi Oliver" school.

On the radio, for the years 1998 and 1999 she was in a program of catalan at Matadepera Ràdio. On 2014, Toni Garrich and Rosa Aguado asked her for join to the "Quadre Veus of Radioteatre".

Within the scenic theater, she has been linked primarily to productions of "Acció Teatre" and "Centre Cultural El Social". Among others, she has participated in works such as "La bona persona de Sezuan" ​​by Bertolt Brecht, "Interiors (monologues by Dario Fo)," Dario Fo and Franca Rame, "Sirenes" by Silvia Comelles and "Magnòlies d'Acer " by Robert Harling.

Regarding to Radio Theatre highlights her role in "Davant l'Empire" by Octavi Egea.

Currently, she continue active in both scenarios, she's linked to "Acció Teatre" and "Quadre Veus of Radioteatre" too.



  • Did you know ...?

    To simulate the sound effect of a shower can be achieved by slowly pouring a bag of rice in a plastic container.

  • Did you know ...?

    Orson Welles founded "The Mercury Theatre on the Air" in July 1938, together with John Houseman, as a company to play radio drama scripts which adapted by himself.
  • Did you know ...?

    To simulate the sound effect ticking of a clock, we can achieve if we roll a pencil between our hands with a ring on one finger.

  • Did you know ...?

    Earlier Radio Theater plays, issued at the early 1920's, were theater scripts played on a conventional stage in which superimposed the voice of a narrator explaining on radio all that was not appreciated only with the ears .

  • Did you know ...?

    In 1961, Spanish Radio and TV Gemeral Management Office thought that seven Lorca's scripts were 'not allowed for broadcasting' because its content and were forbiden until 1977. Some of those scripts were rhe three gold Lorca pieces: 'Yerma', 'Bodas de sangre' and 'La casa de Bernarda Alba'.

  • Did you know ...?

    "Taxi Key", the popular radio drama series which starred Ricardo Palmerola and Isidre Sola in Radio Barcelona, began airing in 1948 and was on the air until middle 70's.

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